How to Edit Custom World


I am trying to launch and edit a .world file that I created.

I can launch the world using roslauch turtlebot_gazebo launch_file.lauch and/or gazebo but both open the world in a version of Gazebo called “Gazebo (3_xterm)” which excludes the GUI necessary to edit the world.

I have noticed that if i use the rosject GUI to select a default simulation, that opens in “Gazebo (3_simluation)” with the full Gazebo GUI with which I can edit the default simulation.

How can I open a custom world in “Gazebo (3_simulation)” to edit using the GUI?

Thank you for the help!

Hi @ja.h.jinx ,

Could you share a screenshot of the custom world screen after launched?
Which ROS distro are you working with in ROSDS?