How to get a Certificate on Robot Ignite Academy

Hi @bayodesegun, if take only particular course like ros_tf or ros_control or any coursecan we get certification for that any particular course or only we can get by completing learning path…

Hi @nagachaitanya948,

Very good question, thank you for asking!

At the moment, you can only get a certificate by completing a learning path. Also, we are currently offering certificates for the following paths only:

More to come!



How many times can I re-take an exam offered in the learning paths if I do not pass the exam in the first attempt?


Hi @varun.ganjigunteprakash,

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You may retake the exam as many times as you wish, as long as you don’t view the solution after any of the attempts. Once you view the solution, you can no longer retake the exam.

For Quizzes within the courses, you may retake them up to 5 times at the moment, with the same condition as above.

PS: You need to pass both Quizzes and Exams in order to get a certificate.

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