How to get odom data with respect to map frame?

Hello All,

I know that normally odom data is with respect to /dom frame and amcl node publishes a transform between the /map and /odom frame by default. If we start the amcl node for a while and then run the rostopic echo /dom again, does the odom data we got is with respect to the /map frame right now? If not, how can I get the odom data with respect to the /map frame? Appreciate anyone who could help me!

Hello @Zilin_Li ,

Actually, the odometry data is published w.r.t the base frame of the robot, typically base_link or base_footprint. If you want to know the odometry data w.r.t the map frame, you can calculate the transform between them (ie. using the tf_echo tool):

rosrun tf tf_echo odom map

Hope this helps,