How to go past introduction after I start the Ros in 5 days course

I enrolled in the course Ros for beginners in 5 days.
Went through the introduction.
How do I go to next section?
I checked the forum on this topic.Could’nt find any information.
It is such a basic step. Once I finish the introduction, the course should take me to the next level or point me in that direction, no?
Stuck here :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help.


OK. Found the button.
Please ignore my question

Hi Satya,
I understand that you found the button to move to the next unit.

There are two ways you can move to the next unit:

  • Push the button at the bottom line that says Next >
  • Also at the bottom line there is a button that indicates the current unit you are reviewing. If you press that button you will get a full list of the units available, so you can change quickly to another one.


Thanks for the tip, rikt
If I may ask another question,
How do I download the jupyter notebook (the one I follow for each session)
to my local disk?



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Sorry, to bug you again
In ex 3.4
this command is failing:
user:/home/simulations/public_sim_ws/src/all/iri_wam/iri_wam_aff_demo$ roslaunch the_service_name start_serevice.launch
[start_serevice.launch] is neither a launch file in package [the_service_name] nor is [the_service_name] a launch file name
The traceback for the exception was written to the log file

The launch file is in
home/simulations/public_sim_ws/src/all/iri_wam$ find . | grep start_service.launch

Something is missing in the tutorial

Thanks for your help

Satya you cannot download the notebooks, since that is our intellectual property.
Sorry for that!

You have typed wrongly the name of your launch file.
Instead of writing start_service.launch you have written start_serevice.launch

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No problem. Nicely done, though!


I am still having problems. The package is not in catkin_ws/src
I posted the commands I executed on the “Get Help” screen. Did not want to duplicate the issue.
I am moving on to unit 4. I can come back and revisit unit 3 later.

Hi @psatya,

Are you trying to launch a real service or just an example? I suppose the_service_name is not a real service/package name but just a fake name used to illustrate the point.

It was misleading because, the_service_name was used in the tutorial as service provided by the course.
Perhaps, the editors may want to edit the text or include (replae “the_service_name” with your own service name or some such wording)
When I was following the tutorial step by step, this got me lost…

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Sorry Punyam to hear that our explanation confused you.

We are definitely going to improve that text to prevent future confusions

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