How to make payments without credit or debit cards?

Can you tell me how i can make payments to construct without a credit or debit card for a user from India?

You can pay by bank transfer.
Licenses assignment will be done once payment has been received.

This is our bank information:

Bank of Sabadell
08420 Canovelles, Spain
Owner of the bank account: The Construct
IBAN: ES53 0081 0044 2100 0137 0544

Since you have had users from India before, can you tell me how they made the payment to the above international bank account? was it through NIFT? I am asking because online payments to international banks is not an option for most Indian banks, mostly for safety reasons.

We don’t know how they made the payment. Your bank can advise you better. Just tell them you want to make an international transfer to that bank account, in Euro. They would know what to do.

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