How to obtain a certificate on The Construct's Robot Ignite Academy

Hello ROS Developers!

Thank you for using our platform, we hope you enjoy it.

This post outlines the current options available for getting a certificate from the Academy. We will update this post as options are added and/or removed.

Option 1: Take an instructor-led training:

Option 2: Complete the Code Foundation for ROS learning path.

  • After completing the courses on this learning path, you will have basic Linux and Python 3 skills needed for developing ROS projects.
  • For those who are not familiar with Linux and Python or want to put their knowledge to the test.
  • The Prerequisites Exam on the learning path tests the knowledge you acquire from the Linux and Python courses. If you pass this exam, you will get the certificate.

Option 3: Complete a certificate-awarding course, its assessments, and live presentation.

  • Certificate-awarding courses have a certificate badge, as shown in the image below:
  • Click on the certificate badge to learn more about the requirements for the specific course. This will take you to the course details page, where you can view a list of the course assessments and your scores (click the Show my Scores! button).
  • The course assessments will consist of zero or more quizzes and a Real Robot Project.
  • Generally, you need to pass all quizzes (if any) as well as a live presentation of your Real Robot Project to demonstrate the knowledge you have gained.
    • Quizzes are automatically graded.
    • Real Robot Projects are graded during the live presentation.
    • During a live presentation, you will connect remotely to one of our real robots. You do not need a personal real robot for this.
    • The live presentation is a live stream (we are using YouTube at the moment). The audience would typically be one or more members of The Construct and as many of your family and friends you invite.
  • Details of the Real Robot Project and its live presentation are given within the course notebooks (which you will see as you take the course).
  • See the list of all courses.

Option 4 (to be discontinued from October 1, 2021): Complete the ROS for Beginners learning path.

  • IMPORTANT: This path will no longer offer certificates from October 1, 2021. If you have not started working towards this certificate, please don’t start now! All existing certificates remain valid.
  • You need to pass all the quizzes of the courses on the path.
  • The ROS Beginners Exam on the learning path tests the knowledge you acquire from the courses. If you pass this exam and the quizzes in the courses on the path, you will get the certificate.

Would separate certificates be provided for the individual courses included in that learning path? Because at the moment it just reflects a certificate shall be provided at the completion of ROS basics in 5 days only.

We are progressively adding certificates to other courses, so we might have for those courses soon, but I can’t say which ones and when.

Please note that not offering certificates for a learning path does not stop you from completing the courses on the path. Knowledge first, certificate is an icing on the cake :wink:.


If we’ve already finished a course (e.g. navigation) and passed the quiz, can we just do the presentation part to earn the certificate?

Hi Keith,

Yes, if you already completed the course, you can just do the presentation to do earn the certificate (provided the course offers a certificate as indicated by the certificate badge). You can email to set up the date and time once you are ready.

Yes you can but you need to present the real robot project. That is the presentation about, how you solved the real robot project. You must show real during the presentation and also answer the questions about it made by the audience.