How to publish a websocket data to a topic

Created a WebSocket interface, able to read the data in but unable to publish to a topic. Any idea why?


And here is the definition for the subscribe function (upload://vLtykkCRl98sWkwBUp0NgfbcIv6.jpeg)

@bayodesegun Can you take a look? I have no experience with websocket.


I cannot find how this question is specific to the ROS Basics course…which of the exercises are you trying to solve? You can send me a private message with the complete code so I can try to understand.

It appears you are using a certain library, I might have to learn it first, so please be patient while I get back to you.

Thank you! I have figured out this problem.

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This question must be transferred to the Web programming course

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Great @wallee394, could you share your solution so others can follow up?