How to remove my_package?

I create a my_package and compile it.
I want to delete a my_package.
and, I delete files about my_package.
However, When execute “colcon build”, warning message is out.

[0.360s] WARNING:colcon.colcon_ros.prefix_path.ament:The path ‘/home/user/ros2_ws/install/a_package’ in the environment variable AMENT_PREFIX_PATH
doesn’t exist
[0.361s] WARNING:colcon.colcon_ros.prefix_path.catkin:The path ‘/home/user/ros2_ws/install/a_package’ in the environment variable CMAKE_PREFIX_PAT
H doesn’t exist

Hi @pks87,

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Try running the following from the /home/user/ros2_ws/ directory.

rm -rf build/ install/ log/
colcon build

By the way, did you delete my_package or a_package?

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