How to reset my code editor environment in the website?

I am trying to do the service part of the rosject (Studying ros 2 python)
I accidentally messed with a file I shouldn’t have touched.
Can I reset the environment?

Hi @mayasleiman ,

Since you have not mentioned what file you “accidentally messed with”, here are some solutions for you.

If it is a ROS2 package file:
You can delete the package and recreate it from scratch. If you do not want to start from scratch, you can follow the steps as to what you did so far and try to undo that.

If it is a system file: (something like .bashrc or any other .bash file)
Please provide the name of the file so we can provide you with a fresh copy of that file that will work.

Since the course runs on a virtual machine that is pre-configured, when you exit the course and come back to it later, say after 1 hour or so, the VM should be reset to its default state. So chances are, you will not face that issue again.

If you still have issues, please let us know and provide more detail as to what changes you made.



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