How to view image taken for training?

How to view the images taken by roslaunch my_randomgazebomanager_pkg create_training_material_1object.launch?

H @cshreyastech,

The file that is launched by the create_training_material_1object.launch file is the one.

In the python file we can see the following section:

if path_to_dataset_gen == "None":
    path_to_dataset_gen = rospack.get_path('my_randomgazebomanager_pkg')
    rospy.logwarn("NO path to dataset gen, setting current package:"+str(path_to_dataset_gen))
    rospy.logwarn("Found path to dataset gen:"+str(path_to_dataset_gen))
full_path_to_dataset_gen = os.path.join(path_to_dataset_gen, "dataset_gen")

So, given that in the .launch file the path_to_dataset_gen is not provided, the images should be on the my_randomgazebomanager_pkg package.

It would be more or less on:


If that path is not correct, you should be able to find the correct path to the images with:

roscd my_randomgazebomanager_pkg
cd dataset_gen

Please let us know in case you still can’t find it.

Thank you for the response.
My question was more around viewing the images. display image_name.png doesnt pop up image.

I would like to see the image I generated. Hope I could explain the question better.

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Ah ok, now I correctly understood your question.

That is because, in order to see the Graphical tools, you have to click on the Open Graphical Tools button that is on the right side of the IDE (code editor). It has a “Desktop” icon.

desktop viewer is blank

neither display image.png shows up the image there.

I tried to open tensor board
tensorboard --logdir /home/user/catkin_ws/src/my_dcnn_training_pkg/logs_gen

graphical interface is blank

Ah, ok, now I see the problem is with tensorboard.

Tensorboard may be running, but somehow the IP address that is shown doesn’t work.

After running tensorboard, could you try loading manually in a different tab of the browser the URL given by the command below?

echo http://$(public_ip):6006/

I see you asked a different question about tensorboard, which tells us that it seems to be a problem from our side, be it technical or on the instructions of the course.

We will work on making easier to load the tensorboard, or clarify the instructions on the course.