Humble Request for Refund

Hi Team,
I hope everything is going well for you. I’m Surya Kiran Cherupally, a student from a middle-class family who is pursuing higher education with the help of an NGO. I signed up for the Constructsim course 2 months ago to refresh my abilities. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I didn’t use the course, and my subscription has been extended for the last two months. I didn’t know I was still subscribed, so I didn’t use anything on this site. I just realized payment was made this month and last month, but I didn’t get any reminder email about the payment. As previously said, I am in the midst of a difficult financial situation, and the removed sum which is almost 80 Euros adds to my load. So, please take my condition into account and I would be very much grateful if you can initiate a refund to assist a student in need. Hoping for a positive reply.
Thank you,

@suryakiran.vnit We will respond to your email on this.