I removed the src folder in the catkin folder

i removed the src folder in the catkin folder by mistake!
inside there were all my progresses!!

i can’t find a way to fix it, can somebody help me?

Ai thats not fun. Unfortunately if you don’t have a backup your progress will be lost i guess. Have you checked in your bin?

To get the src folder back just go to your ‘catkin_ws’ and do a mkdir ‘src’. Than you can add you packages and dona new catkin_make.

All the best

Let me check for you. We might have an earlier version of your workspace.


I have checked. It looks like your files in the src folder are intact. However, there is a version of your workspace that is a bit bigger than the current version - perhaps there are more files there.

I can send you the bigger version if you want, or directly restore your workspace to that version if you don’t mind.

Here is the version history:

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