I want to buy monthly account

Hi, theconstruct. I was buying the monthly subscription from indian debit card. It is saying this card is not supporting the purchase. Sir, I am a student with no acces to credit card. Please help me with the alternative payment method used by likes of Netflix.

I was also reading past threads, what kind of courses are not available when buying monthly subscription. Please provide some insight.
Thank you

Hi @shivam.20csz0006 ,
Welcome to the community… I am from India as well.

I can totally relate to your problem, swipe doesn’t support many of the usual SBI debit cards that are common in India, What worked for me was an HDFC debit card and recently I even saw the option of using google pay (which is linked to your google play account), I have never used the google pay option but that’s something you can maybe try.

Regarding the courses that are available and not available, I am assuming you are planning on taking the “Learner Plan” as a monthly subscription.

Only the Enterprise Courses are not included in this scheme.
You can check if a course is reserved under the enterprise tag easily, check the example attached below.

Overall there are very few courses that are marked like that.

Happy Learning…!! Feel free to reply back to this if you have any further questions.


Thank you for the reply. The confusion between premium and regular courses is clear now. I asked someone for the card and was finally able to enroll in the plan.

I am simulating UAV applications and found few courses related to it.
Happy’ learning.

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