Icons error on the course

Good evening, after I finished Linux for robotics I started Python 3 for Robotics. I get these errors in the shells. What are these;

I also get an exclamation mark triangle. What is this;

Thanks in advance!

Any idea about that?

Hi @vasileios.tzimas,

Welcome to our community.

This icon appears because the course was in ROS Kinetic and was migrated to ROS Noetic.

This message is especially useful for users who already created files before, using the old version, because files created in the old version of the course might not work properly with the new version.

But if you just started the course, you can safely ignore the message.

I see that we are showing the message to everyone, regardless of the person having just started the course, or started it when the course was still in the old version. This is something that we definitely have to improve.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.

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Thank you very much @ralves

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