IDE cannot import module error

Although I have already install the correct dependencies, the IDE keep showing the error msg of “unable to import iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory.srv”. How to solve that?

Hi @kelvinfung611 ,
Can you include the following info:

  • the python code you are running

  • the SRV file

  • the package XML file

  • the cmake file

  • the error message as its appearing

Copy paste the code using the image from

This will give me more info to work with. (Make sure that you have compiled using Cmake and sourced the work after, since most of the errors are caused because of this.)

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I am also getting the same error message but it’s not causing any issue in launching the python file.

@Joseph1001 @maanvisingh @kelvinfung611
It looks like this is an error in the IDE, but it should not affect the working of your code when launched from the terminals.

We are looking into this ASAP.


@Joseph1001 @maanvisingh @kelvinfung611
We have fixed the error in the IDE and it’s currently syncing across our VM and might take some time to be available on all.

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