IDE Does not display content - ROS Development Studio

Hi @staff My IDE os ROS development studio never open in my computer (use linux - ubuntu 16.04 and Google Chrome). It just open in other computers which I use in my lab or library…What could I do to fix this “graphical” problem? I don’t know why in my computer it also display the IDE in blank. Is some plugin I need to enable?
I am asking for help because I use often my notebook to learn ROS

Thanks in advance

Ok I “found” the problem if someone also have…I don’t know why but my Chrome does not show or support some graphical feature of this IDE, but in Firefox I could open the content clicking in the “refresh” icon upon right of the IDE window…

You probably have to activate WebGL in your Chrome browser. Check these simple steps:

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Thanks very much for the reply @rtellez however it did not worked…I relaunched…opened the chrome again, but the IDE also does not appear…
But it is ok I am using in Firefox, which is working very well…

That is very strange… do you have any add blocker active? What is that SC add-on icon that you have in your Chrome?

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It is Scopus database, which I use to read scientific articles. I usually don’t use plugin in internet, but maybe I ve installled by mistake.

Dear Mr @rtellez I have answered your last e-mail regarding our last topic conversation.

I will be very very grateful if you read it and answer me as soon as possible, in order to program quickly the next steps to achieve that topic question (if possible).

Thanks very much for your feedback and comprehension.