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I was trying to fix package import error and tried to follow some of the solutions on the discussion forum. I did something and the catkin_make was not working properly - it showed “Invoking “cmake” failed”. So, . I downloaded the “catkin_ws/src” directory backup on my PC and tried the solutions from the following threads to reset catkin_ws - Invoking "cmake" failed and How to reset catkin_ws (ROS catkin workspace) and start afresh.

But now my IDE keeps loading as shown:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @amkarkare96 ,

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I have faced the same issue. Just click on the “reload” button that is at the bottom right corner of the IDE, exactly above webshell #3.

In case this does not work, clear your history and cookies in your browser and load this course page again.


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Thank you very much. The reload button worked.

Do you have an idea on how do I restore the package directories. I had downloaded the src folder as compressed file (.tar). I am not able to upload the folders directly. Will I have to create all packages and sub-folders again and reupload the associated files to each of the folders?

Just had to extract the file using the following command in shell:

tar -xvf .tar

Hi @amkarkare96 ,

Glad to know your problem is now resolved.

To upload a folder back into the IDE from your computer do the following:

  1. Make the folder into a compressed file zip / tar - anything would work.
  2. Drag from your computer folder window and drop into IDE left panel - under whichever folder you want.
  3. Extract the compressed file there and delete the compressed file after extraction.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have replaced the contents of src folder, make sure that after you uncompress, you run catkin_make if you are using ROS(1) or colcon build if you are using ROS2. Also, don’t forget to rename your folder as src in case your folder name is different.


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