If I complete any learning path now, will I get certificate when the certification feature will be added to that path in future?

Basically you need to pass an exam to get certificate.
But when I complete a learning path during a subscription, will I be able to give test in future when certification feature is added to that course but I am not subscribed ?

Hi @073bex432.rashik,

Thanks for contacting us and welcome to the Community!

Not really, you need to complete a learning path by taking the exam and the quizzes (where available) to get a certificate.

Currently, we are only offering certificates on the two learning paths:

  1. Code Foundation for ROS
  2. ROS for Beginners

You need to complete the learning path (taking all quizzes and exams) while you have a subscription.

We might add quizzes and exams to other learning paths in the future, but I can’t say when.

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