Implementing kinematics on my robotic simulation

Hi developers

I am working in a project where I need to implement my own inverse and forward kinematics to a robotic model. I have the robot simulated in gazebo and I want to send some commands that are filtered by my inverse kinematic and send the commands to the simulation. Does someone has an idea on how to do it? I don’t find any documentation in the internet on how to do it and I’m starting to feel worried.

Thanks for reading it and hope you can answer my question


So the first solution for you would be to do the course on ArmKinematics:

But take into accound that unless thats the objective of your project, there are easier ways to have a robot move based on end effector position/orientation: Moveit! for example allows to do that without really knowing the Inverse kinematics:,

Hope this helps :wink: