Improvement proposal unit 1 and 2

Hi here are a few items

Introduce at exercise U1-2, the requirement of adding the new “marker type” and the related topics.
( the illustration used in footstep unit 2 should is adapted to this exercise )

In exercise U1-3, i did not changed the marker topic, a spent close to an hour to solve a non existent
problem in the code.

In most of the exercises there is absolutely no feed back at the console after the node has started

In all the exercises of unit 1 and 2, the “markers” are not removed at the node shutdown.
Many times i had to restart rviz to “clean” the display
I have added this aditional code for markers of unit 1 but not succed for the markers of unit 2
In real life, there are certainly situation where we want to have the disapear , it would be good to know

In exercise U2-2 the structure of thee code does not look “clean”
The class int function _init is never formally called
We have this error code at node shutdown
object has no attribute ‘close’

Finally in exercise U2--2 extra the code "" 
is not clear about what parameters should be passed at node start up i have
changed it this way
    # model follower frame without the /
    follower_model_name = sys.argv[1]  
   # model model_to_be_followed frame without the /
    model_to_be_followed_name = sys.argv[2]     # model model_to_be_followed frame without the /

    I have also changed the file name and the node name
     It is more generic and we avoid the confusion with the haro_to_object_tf_listener_node that is  
      already running at the start-up of the simulation.
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Amazing suggestions François! I do agree with any single of your points.

We have already scheduled to do your suggestions in the first week of February (@duckfrost some work for you :wink: ! )

Thank you so much for your feedback. It really matters!