Integrate a map from a course to ROS developer studio


I am trying to custom the environment (adding more stuff like obstacles, parking sign, etc) in the chapter 5: ARTags (Augmented Reality) from the course: OpenCV basics for Robotics. However, I know that we cannot make any modifications directly to that environment.
Therefore, I wonder if we can somehow upload that environment to the ROS developer studio and start modifying there. Could you please tell me if this is possible? If yes, please explain it to me.

Thank you very much.


Sure you can, just create a new rosject ( kinetic if you dont want any conversion work, or noetic if you want the latest ) and download into the /hoe/user/simulation_ws/src the code or the simulation. Then open the IDE and make the wanted changes ;).

The git of the simulations is:

Post any issue you might have integrating it in the rosjects :wink: right here :wink:

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Hello @duckfrost,

Thank you for your reply yesterday. I was able to integrate the simulation of the course to the ROS developer studio.

However, I cannot generate the wall with ARtag just like what I did in the course. When I run the spawn_wall1.launch, it didn’t show any error. Indeed, the message was “wall inserted”. But I can’t see the wall in the map. I checked the content of spawn_wall1.launch, it is the same as the one in the course which works totally fine. Is there anything I missed? Sorry if my question is trivial since I don’t have any background in Gazebo and ROS.