Inverting the robot in moveit

I connected the moveit to a real robot so it’s pose was displayed in the rviz but the problem was that in the real world, the robot was mounted upside down whereas the moveit shows it as normal (on the ground).

I wanted to ask if there is a way that we can change the original location and orientation of the robot without changing it’s pose which is being taken from the real world?

you have to define your reference frame in Rviz for the robot. If you select the world frame, then it should replicate the gazebo environment.

Hi Simon, Thanks for the reply! My frame was already set as the world it is still not upside down. The thing is that there is no gazebo model but it is directly taking the info from the real robot.

Then it sounds like your urdf or tf publisher is set up incorrectly. A simple solution could be to simply publish a additional tf frame, which represents the ceiling anchor point. Then you could use that as the reference for the robot