Invoking "cmake" failed

I accidentally deleated my catkin_ws folder, i read here that i would be reset in 20 mins. since for days now ive been getting error after it was reset. my workspace looks different from the instruction
pictures attached . In my_package, I dont have the include and src folder, but its there in the instruction.

Hi @ogunsola.olubukola,

Sorry for this trouble.

If your workspace looks like the picture you attached, then I would say that your catkin_ws folder is fine but it looks like your my_project project folder is not (because it does not have the src folder). Please try the following:

  1. Back up any important file to somewhere outside catkin_ws.

  2. (Just to be sure) Reset your catkin workspace, following this post (just run the commands specified in the post as it applies 100% to the Robot Ignite Academy workspace): How to reset catkin_ws (ROS catkin workspace) and start afresh

  3. Recreate your package according to the instruction given in the notebook.

Please let us know if this helps.

This works . thanks a lot.

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