Is it Possible to Download The Native .ipynb Notebook Lesson Files?

While studying in the Robot Ignite Academy, I find it useful to copy the contents of the .ipynb to a Microsoft One Note page, that way I can easily go back and reference lessons and mark-up or add comments in-line with the notebook as necessary. Unfortunately, OneNote doesn’t render some frames (for instance with copied and pasted Python code or shell output) very well and a lot of formatting get’s changed which makes it harder to read the notes.

Since I’m also trying to make a habit of using Jupyter notebooks more frequently, is it possible to download the .ipynb lesson files in their native format to keep a copy and modify with my own notes for practice?

Hello @rschmalenberg,

No, it’s not possible to download the source notebook files. Bear in mind that they are very valuable and we can’t give them away like that. Despite most of the people would make fair use of them there is also some other which won’t so we can’t afford to do that.


@albertoezquerro Thank you for your reply. That makes sense. I understand why they aren’t freely available to download because of potential unfair usage.

Also some things that I am finding helpful: for Linux users, I found P3X OneNote which seems to make it easier to access OneNote in Ubuntu. For Windows, there is also the NoteHighlight2016 plugin that can properly format code, but that only works for the full version of OneNote 2016. I’ll keep trying to make use of these tools and hopefully they can improve my note taking!

Hello @rschmalenberg,

Let me just add that you can also use ROSDS ( for free and create your own ROS projects, which include Jupyter notebooks (empty) that you can fill.


Thank you @albertoezquerro

Sorry I didn’t see your last message until now, but yes, thank you. I am aware of ROSDS. It is a great tool with a lot of potential! One of my favorite (most interesting) use cases for ROSDS is discussed in the ROS Developers Poscast Episode 31. In this podcast Miguel Rodriguez discusses how ROSDS can be used for reinforcement learning to reproduce research results from OpenAI. Very interesting! I’m hoping to learn more about ROSDS and how it can be used for large projects.

At least, can we film it through a screenshot on our own? Would you allow us such matters, please?

We technically can’t stop you from taking screenshots, though I don’t think filming a screenshot of notebook will be of much use to you anyhow, because you would need a VM to run the commands and simulations, and those cannot be filmed.