Is there a place to request tutorials?


Is there a place to request tutorials/live classes?
RDS is very nice because the linux environment is configured for our needs.
However, in the real world, we’d have to configure the linux environment ourselves.
Can we get tutorials on configuring the linux environment, and also installing/integrating different libraries into ROS?

For example, install different opencv versions and using them into ros. Or integrating dlib into ros?


Hi Wally,
very good point there!

Let us prepare a tutorial about how to configure a Linux environment in a Robot or a local computer. This is definitely a must.

About intalling/integrating different libraries, please make a concrete request and we will prepare that. I mean, indicate which libraries you would like to use with ROS (including version number) and for what (describe a simple example, for instance, you want to use OpenCV to detect lines in an image obtained from a ROS topic).

You can make requests in this section of the Forum:

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