Is this line going to be same everywhere?

Hi there,
There’s this line of code used to connect to action server
client = actionlib.SimpleActionClient('/ardrone_action_server', ArdroneAction)

  1. What is this SimpleActionClient in the code above ?
  2. Is this line of code, to connect to action server, going to be same anywhere I want to use action?
  1. SimpleActionClient is a class inside the actionlib package, which provides the tools to create servers and clients. If you want to see all of the classes that you can use from actionlib, you can check

  2. The action name, ‘/ardrone_action_server’ describes the namespace containing this topic, and the action specification message ArdroneAction, describes what messages should be passed along this topic. You’ll need to use this line any time you want to create an action client.

Thank you @roalgoal. It’s much clear now

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