Issue with Course : TF ROS 101

I’ve enrolled in The Construct recently and started following TF ROS 101 Course. The course opened in Learn Robotics from Zero - Robotics & ROS Online Courses session. However , I could not run the commands given in the tutorial. the issue s are as follows.

roslaunch turtle_tf_3d irobot_follow_turtle.launch
[INFO] [1638755009.283699, 0.000000]: Retrieveing Model indexes
[INFO] [1638755009.303660, 323.577000]: Robot Name=turtle1, is NOT in model_state, trying again

and NO turtlebot can be seen in the simulation window!

Also, in the IDE there is nothing inside the Catkin_ws/src folder. Arent we suppose to have the programs, launch files inside this folder?
I’m new to the theconstructsim environmnet , therefore, not sure if I’m making any mistake here. Can you please assist with the issue , plese ? Thanks

Hello @dkalansuriyaarachchi ,

I suppose you are talking about the 1st command you have to run on Chapter 1, right? I’ve been doing some tests here and it seems to be working OK for me. Is this error still happening to you?

About your 2nd question, the answer is no. When you start a course, you will have your workspace empty. All the packages/files you will create them during the course.