Issue with live class 76 - rosject not found

there is no project linked to the live class 76 on the catrtographer. i cant find the jupyter notebook and environment related to the class. Please help. Thanks in advance

Hey @arjunkozik,

Sometimes we don’t have projects for the live classes, so for this one it might be that we don’t. That said, let me confirm from the person who created it and get back to you.

Hello Sir, Did you confirmed from the person? i need the rosject associated with class 76 which was about cartographer mapping please… i am unable to install cartographer in my own project so i need that one please

Hello Sir, i was looking for the rosject from class 76 related to cartographer mapping but i am unable to find it? kindly help

@Saqibmehmood736 @arjunkozik

The rosject has been added to the class. Please click on the “GET ROSJECT” button to get it.


thank you sir very greatful