Jetbot ai kit + ydlidar + imu

Hi, I would like to get some hints for the jetbot ai kit you are selling on your website.
We bought a kit and extended it with an ydlidar, imu and realsense camera.

First I thought it will have some more “support” then selling only the hardware and so far I was not able to find absolutely any working examples for the robot localization and navigation.

I managed to start using GitHub - issaiass/jetbot_diff_drive: || A ROS package of the WaveShare Jetbot AI Kit. A Differential Drive Robot || package but that is not for real robots as I can understand but maybe for testing.

I wrote the hardware controller to translate the velocity commands to wheel RPM’s (which seems to be ok, I can control the small guy with a gamepad).

But the navigation is not working at all.

I am using rtabmap for realsense to calculate the odometry.
I am using robot_localization to fuse the realsense’s visual odometry with my IMU.
And I am using the packages I found for the jetbot (with small modifications for the ydlidar, corrections for the topic names etc).

To be honest the motors under my small guy seems to be too week for the task (even tought you are selling the robot with it) and sometimes the motors are just “clicking” … I guess the cogs are jumping).

Now I am planning to remove the realsense camera and imu and install a wheel encoder to get better odometry, but the question (next to the thousand questions I have) which do you suggest? Or do you have a package which is working with the jetbot ai kit (including navigation!)?



So the Motors in the JetBot Kit are very basic. Depending on your level of battery they can give those issues. Just try to have it fully charged and not add him extra weight.

Navigation with it has to be done with RGB navigation or AI collision avoidance. And even then it wont be as good as a robot with wheel encoders and a laser of some sort. We dont have a navigation stack for it but any navigation example from the courses we have, like the one for turtlebot should work with some changes ( basically in the base dimensions a topic names ).

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