Jetson Xavier NX dual-connectivity

Hello teachers.

I now have a UR5 and a Jetson Xavier NX controller. I used to connect the UR5 control board to a router using cable. Jeston, and Master PC connect to the wifi so that three devices are under the same Local Area Network. I am able to control UR5 using this configuration.

Now, I do not want a router to make such connection since UR5 will be placed on a mobile base like RB-Vogui+ image .

I tried directly connecting Jetson and UR5 control board using the RJ45 port and cable. But Jetson had no internet access even it connected to the wifi.

I did some research. Jetson has a high priority for wire connection when wifi and wire connection appears at the same time.

Do you know any apporch that I can make connection between UR5 & Jetson and Jetson & Master PC at same time without a router?

Hi @xj2106,

If you want to connect different robots to the same network, you can use Husarnet.

If what you want is to easily connect to your robot, in The Construct we have also the Real Remote Lab. You can setup your own lab in the My Rosjects area.

@ralves Thank you so much for providing the information.
But how can I install the Husarnet to the UR5 and my UR5 now has no internet at all if I test the robot without any external cable(That is why I want to directly(internally) connect Jetson and UR5 through their RJ45 port. Since my robot is a mobile robot and the internet cable for UR5 is removed in this case).

Hi @xj2106,

I myself do not own one of these robots, but if it has no internet at all, I would suggest asking the robot creators how to connect to the internet.

Iā€™m sure the robot is somehow able to connect to the internet.

The robot manual may also have instructions on how to connect to the internet.

Please forgive me if I misunderstand something.

@ralves Thank you for giving me kind help. I will definitely ask UR supports. Thank you again and have a good one ! :wink:

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