Just finished exam, no certificate also no accomplishments section

Just finished the code foundation for ROS exam. It is mentioned that the certificate will appear in the accomplishments section. However, from screenshot it seems that the UI has been updated. I can’t find the certificate anywhere.

First of all, welcome to the community, I can see that this is the first time you have posted in the forum. Don’t worry, the certificate for Code Foundation will appear in the accomplishments section. Sometimes, it may take some time. I hope you have completed all the quizzes and have passed. If so, then it will appear.


I can confirm that your certificate has been generated. You will find it in the Accomplishments section, which you can now access from your user menu:


Could you please share the screenshot you are talking about and where you found it. We might need to update that.

Yes I passed iwth flyig colors :smiley: and thanks for the warm welcome.

I am a software engineer that is thinking of moving to the robotics field.

The UI I was mentioning was from the jupiter notebook one can access during the exam that explains how to do the exam. The url it was on apparently expired, but I’ll paste it here, maybe you can still do something with it: https://i-0ecef5c8aca3be523.robotigniteacademy.com/4a231029-8fb1-478e-8334-043bc14c842d/jupyter/notebooks/exams/Code_Foundation_Exam.ipynb#proceed

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