Keep the terminal session active during training

Does anyone have suggestions to keep the terminal session active during training which takes several hours?

Hm, the system automatically disconnects the remote computer if there is not activity for ~20 minutes or on the platform. One way to keep the system connected is every ~5 minutes do something on the screen.

If the gazebo simulator dies also, the system automatically restarts the webshells.

If I didn’t answer your question or if I misunderstand it, could you elaborate more on what you mean by “keeping the terminal sessions active”?

The problem that training takes several hours (20 hours) in some cases. I was timed out several times and the training never complete.It would be challenging to baby sit the terminal for this long.

It would be helpful if either the session times gets extended or a work around to it active until training completes


I mean to say that the system gets disconnected “keeping the terminal sessions active”.

This becomes challenging while training neural network which runs for several hours as they time out after 20 minutes.

@ralves, Any suggestions on keeping the terminal active during training which takes several hours?


The course was intended to show you the basiscs of training. Of course its not enough to make a good training. For that you might need ahors. I would reccomend in that case to use ROSDevelopmenetStudio that its more suited for Full fledged projects. There I’ve done traings of 8 hous straight without issues.

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thanks for the inputs.

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