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I am a Korean subscriber to this site to study ROS2. Thank you so much for providing quality materials! I’m wondering if all the courses have been updated in Korean. Chrome translation doesn’t work, so I wanted to ask! Can we expect Korean updates for courses related to ROS2 soon?

Thanks for the feedback and welcome to our community!

We have not translated all courses into Korean; we are translating them based on demand. That said,

  • We already have some ROS 2 courses in Korean (Basic ROS 2, TF2, and URDF)
  • You can tell us any course you want; we will translate it to Korean just for you!

Please let us know.

thank you for reply.
I’m so appreciate that.
I want ‘Robotics for Open CV’ and Basic ROS2 C++ ( within 5days) .
thank you :slight_smile:

Your request has been received. We will work on it as soon as we can and get back to you.

PS: “OpenCV for Robotics” is a ROS 1 course. After taking this course, let me know if you also want to take the “ROS 2 Perception in 5 Days” course.

These courses are now available in Korean. Enjoy!

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