Learner Plan Annual Pricing

Do you have a yearly Learner plan? I only see the monthly Learner and yearly Enterprise options on the website. If you have a yearly Learner plan, how much is it? Thanks.

Thanks for asking!

We have this option for 399 euros. Turn on the yearly switch as shown in the image below to get it:

Can you show me how to get to that page? My subscription page only shows my current subscription and no other options.

Oh, sorry, I thought I put the link to the Subscribe page.

Please note however that you cannot take this plan as long as you have a valid subscription. And we don’t have an upgrade path from monthly to yearly at the moment. The options are:

  1. Cancel your current monthly subscription, wait until August 11, 2022 (until your current license expires) and then take up the yearly plan.
  2. Get a refund of the last payment for the monthly plan and take up the yearly plan immediately.

PS: the yearly and monthly plan provide exactly the same access, but the yearly plan provides a “bundle” discount.

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