Lesson 1 Install ros on raspberry pi. Numerous issues

  1. echo "source /opt/ros/noetic/setup.zsh" >> ~/.bashrc is incorrect. setup.zsh contains a line that runs cd -q which is invalid. This should line should be replaced with : echo "source /opt/ros/noetic/setup.bash" >> ~/.bashrc.

  2. sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-teleop-twist-keyboard is incorrect for noetic ros and throws an error. Again this should be replaced with: sudo apt-get install ros-noetic-teleop-twist-keyboard.

  3. This section:“mkdir -p ~/catkin_ws/src cd ~/catkin_ws/ source /opt/ros/noetic/setup.bash catkin_make source devel/setup.bash rospack profile” is messy and not properly formatted. should be like below instead of one weird jumbled line of commands like it is now:

mkdir -p ~/catkin_ws/src 
cd ~/catkin_ws/ 
source /opt/ros/noetic/setup.bash 
source devel/setup.bash 
rospack profile
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Hey @cmacks95

Welcome to the Community and thanks for the feedback! We’ll consider it in the next update of the course.

what Linux distribution you have in your RPi ? That platform maybe not support Ros Noetic

I am using ubuntu mate 20.04, it does support noetic. The issue was in the instructions being incorrect and pointing to kinetic sometimes instead of noetic. Or in other cases pointing to a .zsh instead of .bash or similar. Just seems like the tutorial wasn’t proof read or tested fully by enough people to root out bugs or typos. I’ve found alot more of them but i’m just working through them and figuring it out. This tutorial is mostly okay, just off sometimes. Like nowhere in the instructions does it tell you to install the robot joint publisher or robot state publisher packages using sudo apt-get install ros-noetic-robot-state-publisher or sudo apt-get install ros-noetic-joint-state-publisher Stuff like that. little stuff that fell through the cracks. just frustrating trying to learn from a guide that wasn’t checked out fully.

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We updated the notebooks with ALL your suggestions
Thanks a lot for the feedback, it helps us make the courses better each day! :slight_smile: