Linux for Robotics feedback

Job well done! The Linux for Robotics course was amazing. I’ve been using Linux for a short amount of time. The course I attended at school was great and I studied the general basics. That being said, this course was one of the best organized and easy to follow tutorials online! I think, even if a student doesn’t have a basic grasp on Linux, this course would do them justice. During my Intro to Linux course at school, I didn’t quite understand what the grep command was used for and there wasn’t a purpose other than remembering it as a definition. Going through the ssh command was also great; it has gotten me even more excited about Linux, but most importantly robotics! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to freely educating life long learners from around the world! I will definitely let my college professors know this course is available and I’ll direct all my classmates to RobotIgniteAcadedmy. Thanks again!

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Wow! This a really incredible feedback. That is our main goal: to make the path of learning robotics easier and enjoyable to everyone. So we are really happy to hear that, at least, we managed to accomplish that goal with you. Also, many thanks for taking a moment to write down these lines, since they really encourage us to keep working and improving!