Linux windows giving error about msgs

I’m getting this error in a few places, and I’m not sure why:
user:~/catkin_ws/src/linux_course_files$ rosrun move_bb8_pkg
^Cfrom: can’t read /var/mail/geometry_msgs.msg

Hi @jacob.w.bedard,

Welcome to our community.

It is really strange that your is trying to import geometry_msgs.msg from /var/mail

If this happens again, could you try sourcing the catkin_ws with the command below, then try running your script again?

source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash
rosrun move_bb8_pkg

And if the problem persists, could you tell us the output of the command below?

env | grep ROS

Please let us know whether the problem persists or has been solved after sourcing the catkin workspace.