Live Class 50 and 49 not working

Live class 49 and 50 for mapping, localization and navigation. Rosject of 49 is missing and Rosject of 50 is not working. Where I can access the good one?

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Hi @jianxinyu626,

Thanks for letting us know and welcome to the Community!

Apologies for the issues:

  • I have corrected the link for Class 49.
  • Please let’s work on the Summit XL simulation and get back to you.

Hi Bayod. Thanks! Now I can found the Rosject for Class 49. Waiting for the Summit XL.

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Hi Bayod, is it sovled?

Still working on it. I’ll keep you posted.

Still waiting… :pleading_face:

Hi Xinyu,

So sorry to keep you waiting for this long. We have found the solution for this but some other errors are coming while while trying to implement it :cold_sweat:. Please bear with us; we will solve next week for sure, ASAP.

Hi Xinyu,

The Summit XL simulation is working now. Thank you for your patience.


Hi Bayod. Thanks a lot! I can’t wait to try it.