Local Planner for Car-like Robots ROS1

hi @staff I need to add another local planner for my academic work in order to compare some features with TEB local planner. The question is:

  • Is there another local planner off easy access-interface with move-base framework available?
    I have done some google research and did not find a suitable one off easy use in move-base framework.

I have found another ones that make interface with STAGE simulator https://github.com/topics/car-like-robots. However I am working with my simulations in Gazebo I have never used Stage…
And I am also aware that is available the local planners for Ackerman car robots in ROS2 that Steven Macenski has crated (but I wish to use ROS1-melodic distro)…

As I spent a lot of time and effort doing all the car simulation in ROS1 using move-base, I would like just to use easily another planned. Could you please indicate me one planner?
The eband and DWA did not work good (because they are proper for circular-robot shape) and the car behaves very unordered…then I need another planner.How should I procedure ?