Log messages with INFO verbosity level not showing in Service Server nodes


I am having trouble with log message with INFO verbosity level in service server nodes. They show up normally in subscriber-publisher nodes but they don’t for service server nodes. I am using this line of code in the callback function:
self.get_logger().info('This is my message')
Should the verbosity be changed for service server nodes to see the messages ?
If so, how can I do it in ROS2 ?

Thank you

Hi @e.na.hatem ,

Logging happens in 5 different levels : DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL
Setting the level to DEBUG will display all messages.
But, setting the level at, for example, WARN will only display that level and onwards, that is, WARN, ERROR and FATAL.

If you cannot see INFO messages, I am assuming that your logging level is set to WARN level.
Change it back to INFO and you should be back to normal.

On the other hand, if the logging is set at INFO and your print message is not showing up, it means that your program is not getting to that point in the code - which means you need to fix your code.


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