Map for exercise 1.2


It is taking a lot of time and resource to put together the map from home laptop… and system is stuck. Please see attached screenshot for rviz settings.

Is it possible for you to provide the yaml and pgm map files for exercise 1.2 — that will help me proceeding with next exercises.


hi @msgrewal255,
try disabeling LaserScan, as it takes lots performance. Decreasing the Queue size could help too

Thanks Simon!
But isn’t Laserscan needed to scan and create map?

not an expert, but laserscan in rviz are the red dots/lines you see. The robot needs it to do SLAM, but there shouldnt be a need to display it in rviy in order to build the map.

@staff please provide the map …

It has been almost 1 hour of clicking i,o,u, etc and it is not even 25% made. That is not the purpose of this exercise to click i,o,u…please help

Hi @msgrewal255,

I’ll have a look at this Exercise in order to improve the mapping process. Anyways, I’m going to send you the map files to your e-mail so that you can move on with the course.

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Thanks @albertoezquerro

Did you receive them? @msgrewal255

Thanks Alberto!!

I’m having similar troubles with the exercise creating nonsensical maps - I’ve tried 3 times in 90 minutes to create this map, using different approaches: only moving along the walls, trying to work region by region, etc. Nothing seems to work. Given that this course is listed last in the Navigation path, it may help to provide the yaml file for when people get stuck.

Hi @foszter,

Yes, you are totally right. I’m going to apply this modification for the next week. Meanwhile, if you need the maps, send me an email to, and I’ll pass them to you.


i need this map to please send me i spend 2 hours but i didnt finished yet and it became messy mail is