[Mastering Mobile Manipulator] reset function in my own computer

Hi Sir,

I am following the tutorial with Mastering Mobile Manipulator.
At here, robot Ignite Academy environment,
I could reset the gazebo with just click the “reset” button.
At my own computer, what command is needed for reset the gazebo just same as in Robot Ignite Academy?

Hello @hki,

In this case, the button you highlight in the image is relaunching the whole simulation. So, in a local computer, this would be done by stopping the simulation (Ctrl+C in the Shell where you launched it) and then launching it again.

Another option is to use the following command:

rosservice call /gazebo/reset_simulation "{}"

This command will also reset the simulation (reset the robot poses, the Gazebo clock, etc…) but it’s less drastical than closing it and opening it again.

Finally, you also have the command:

rosservice call /gazebo/reset_world "{}"

This command is equivalent to the middle button in your image. Depending on the situation, you might prefer to use one or another.