[MASTERING MOBILE MANIPULATORS] IK plugin for group 'robot1' relies on deprecated API

I am on [3. Setting Up manipulation(part 2)].
I try this code on ROS Melodic with Ubuntu 18.04.
There was no error when I tried this at Robot Ignite Academy.
But it makes error and and launch file shutdown. (not shown)/

*** Refer to Robot Ignite Academy tutorial, “arm” for UR5, I changed it to “robot1”

Hello @hki,

Which IK plugin have you used when creating the MoveIt package for the robot? I’ve been doing a bit of research and it seems that this warning is quite usual in ROS Melodic. However, this shouldn’t affect the behavior of the robot. Citating the official MoveIt repository: " This is a deprecation warning, which you as a user can ignore for now. The maintainers of (the IK plugin) should fix this warning by adapting to the new MoveIt API as indicated in the migration notes."


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