[Mastering Mobile Manipulators] unit4. Setting Up Grasping / what is tuck?

Hi Sir,

I am working with pick_and_place_v2 part.
Almost last part of unit 4.

At here, I am not sure with tuck means.
How this affects to the motion of the arm?

Hello @hki,

I suppose you refer to the tuck() function in the code. This function, as well as the stow() and intermediate_stow() functions, just contain some predefined joint poses (similar to when you defined some predefined poses when creating the MoveIt package). When called, the robot arm joints will move to the positions defined in these functions.

In this case, the tuck() pose is meant to be a relaxed pose for the arm, with the arm joints in a position that makes the robot easy to navigate around.

Hope this clarifies your doubts,