[Mastering Mobile Manipulators] URDF revision for without rbkairos

I would like to use this after revised the model (rbkairos + ur5 + gripper).
As I want to use without rbkairos, want to use only ur5 + gripper.
Therefore, I tried to revised URDF file, but it makes several error.
How can I remove rbkairos portion from the urdf used at this course?
(The course : mastering mobile manipulators) :slight_smile:

Helo @hki,

It looks like you want to remove the mobile base part, which is the Summit XL. So, you should remove all the parts in the URDF that reference the Summilt XL robot. But maybe it will be easier to just grab the UR5+gripper part from the URDF and use those? I’ve never made that so I cannot help you much more… I would need to got much deeper into the files.


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Thank you for answer. :slight_smile: I’ll look into the fine and try to figure out.