Mastering with ROS: SUMMIT XL - Unit 1

Hi there,

I am currently going through the Mastering with ROS: SUMMIT XL course unit 1. I must say that I like the course content as it is well structured and easy to follow through. Though, I have some points that I would like to address that could need some polishing.

The first and most important point is that there is a package called “sumit_xl_tools”. The critique on this package is the name of the package as it writes “summit” (the name of the robot) with one “m” in the name. This is probably a spelling error which is not tragic except that it occurs all over the tutorial. Given that it concerns the software, one must use this incorrect spelling all over the unit which is not ergonomic at best, and a several hours procedure of debugging at worst. When not knowing that there is a typo, students as myself will write the package name instead of copy-pasting everything, and then they encounter unforeseen errors.


The second point, there are many spelling errors in the guidelines and instructions which are simply unpleasant to read. They appear through the entire unit and could be easily removed through proof reading the text. Given that there are quite a handful of errors, I did not make a list.

The last point is that the instructions of the tutorial seem to be outdated. This means that some changes have been made in the software, but the tutorial doesn’t take this into account. One example is the poster on the wall which is described as a poster of a turtle while in fact, it is a poster of the “The Construct” logo. Also, the text says that one needs to write two lines of code while in fact, there are three lines that need to be written.

These points are not devastating, but they could need some correcting. These mistakes make the content look less polished and less premium as it could be the case. I would be happy if these points could be improved in the future.

With kind regards,


PS: I wanted to include some pictures to illustrate the issue, but I am not allowed to include several pictures.

Hello @dave.vandermeer1,

Amazing feedback! You are totally right in pointing out these issues. We will review all these points and work on them in the following days/weeks. Please feel free to share your feedback on any other course you do in the academy.