Minimum score required for Topics Quiz

What is the minimum score needed in topics quiz in Chapter 4 of ROS Basics in 5 Days?

Hi @steve26,

You should target 8 and above (10 is better), for any of the quizzes of that course, because the course carries 25% weight in the requirements for the certificate of the ROS Basics Path (which itself requires 80%). For more information, please see this page for details:

PS: There’s no separate certificate for the course itself, a certificate is issued for the path, which includes other basic courses.

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what is the maximum score for the same ??

10 is the maximum score for all the quizzes. Always make sure you read the quiz instructions EXACTLY. Often times packages, nodes and files have to be named in a very specific way for the autocorrection to work. Always test to see if your code does what the quiz requires, BEFORE taking the quiz.


Thank you for your advice, Simon.

Thank you for your reply.

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