Missing Chapter 2 Exercise 2.1 Solution

Hello there,

I can’t find the solution for the exercise 2.1 train_drone.py.
The instructions state I should execute:

rosrun drone_demo train_drone.py

But the content of the drone_demo pkg is:

user:/home/simulations/public_sim_ws/src/all/parrot_ardrone/drone_demo$ tree
|-- CMakeLists.txt
|-- package.xml
`-- src
    |-- Q_table_fly_drone.py
    |-- drone_fly_qlearn.py
    |-- drone_fly_qlearn_SOLUTION.py
    |-- drone_fly_sarsa.py
    |-- intro_drone.py
    |-- mc_fly_drone.py
    `-- test.txt

1 directory, 9 files

Hello @georg.novotny2 ,

Which course is this? I’m checking in Machine Learning for robotics since the post is under this course, but I can’t find any exercise like the one you mention.

Sorry, I updated the tilte just now.

It is the Reinforcement Learning for Robotics course.
Since I can’t seem to find a forum for this course I posted it here.

The correct command to run is:

rosrun fly_drone train_drone.py

I’ve already updated it in the notebook.

Thanks for the fast help!