Missing detail - static tf can not be disappear from rviz2

See the screenshot and the selected text:

  • Frame Timeout: The length of time, in seconds, before a frame that has not been updated is considered dead. For 1/3 of this time the frame will appear correct, for the second 1/3rd it will fade to gray, and then it will fade out completely

So far in the course only static tf was used. When I started playing the mentioned setting and I stopped publishing map->table1 static frame, I noticed, that frames in RVIZ2 do not fade out.

I found this explanation:

Which beautifully explains, why will not static tf will ever fade out.

Because learner can be confused the fact that some of RVIZ2 settings “does not work” for static tf, I think, this explanation can be put into the material.

Thank you

Hi @peterborkuti

Thanks for the feedback! Our courses team will review that and may include it in the notes.


We added a small line stating this fact with static transforms in the humble version.

Thank you. I enjoyed the course very much.

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