Module 'robot_control_class' not found error during python3 for robotics(chapter 5-classes)

error for module ‘robot_control_class’ not found is showing during the class in python chapter
this error is occuring since you updated for neotic

Hi @YogeshG24

I’ve checked and it seems that the problem was really introduced after we migrated the courses to Noetic.

We will work on that.

cc: @albertoezquerro

When is this expected to be fixed. It is still not working.

Hello @anandsr21 ,

Since the update to Noetic, we have updated the course so that you have to create this class ( yourself. You can see the instructions on how to do this at the beginning of exercise 2.1 (Unit 2: Python Basics). My apologies for this error, it’s totally our mistake. We should have warned about this change to all the students of this course.